Jesus doesn't have road rage... does he?!

Good day all,
Today I just have to vent about "Road Rage". But really, I want to look at it in a different light. Now we have all been the victim of some idiot driver who carelessly cuts you off, fails to use a turn signal, or even turns right from the left lane. I'm also positive that more than a few of us have used "choice words" when referring to such bad drivers. It happens, it's understandable.

But what gets me is when Driver A, cuts off Driver B, and then Driver B takes it upon themselves to roll down their window & yell at Driver A. Or perhaps blow their horn, unmercifully, at Driver A, or even decides to follow Driver A so they can tell them off.

People are crazy these days. You don't know what they will do when backed into a corner. But ladies and gentlemen, let me point out the real tripped out thing. Allow me to introduce the one remaining fact that always, ALWAYS - blows my mind...
The drivers that have the worst rage while driving, are the same ones that have a representation of Jesus on their car. A Jesus Fish, a cross, a bumper sticker, whatever it may be. These people are vicious. Now, as most people know, I am a God-fearing man who goes to church most Sundays and praises the Lord EVERYDAY. But I do not have any proof on my car of that. Mainly because, Christian witness is difficult enough as is. Now, If I were to have a Jesus piece on my car, as I drive along the highways of life, cussing out every Tom, Dick, & Harry publicly without explaining to anyone - why I would do such a thing.
On top of all that - I really don't like bumper stickers or excess things on my car - they draw unwanted attention. I don't even want 20's anymore - Just give me factory!

So after further review, there are a few different suggestions I have for those such people with Road Rage:

1) Take down the license plate number, make and model of the car, and call a tow truck to their home at 3 in the morning.

2) Remove the Jesus symbols from your ride, then no one will judge you as a "Jesus Freak" they will only judge you as a Freak...

3) Calm your little tail down! We all are victims to bad drivers. GET OVER IT!

Jesus didn't have road rage, why should you?

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