National High 5 Day

I was going to write a post about different exercises and things that you can do at home for today. But then I was informed that it’s National High 5 Day.  If you guys know me, then you know I like to do random, fun things.  So this Fitness post isn’t about strengthening your core, or proper running techniques.  It’s a list of some of the benefits of giving someone a High 5:
The Rotator cuff. The more you high 5, the more your arm will raise and lower, helping to increase your overall flexibility.
Your Latissimus Dorsi - The lats, when you are raising your arm you stretch the muscles in your back too.
The Chest - Especially the lower chest muscles. As you High 5 others, you face slight resistance, leading to an increased (key word: slight) tension in the chest area.
Your heart. This muscle actually gets multiple methods of exercise.
As you start to high five people, your stress levels begin to decrease.  As this happens, you have less “wear & tear” on your heart, forgetting the pains of the world, even if it may be for a split second.
I’m short, so sometimes high 5’ing can be a challenge when it comes to some of my taller friends/associates/strangers (YES! I High 5 strangers!).  It becomes a cardio workout to get to the point of reaching some of these peoples hand.
Your spirit. Come on - it feels good to just give a person (any person) a High 5! The only thing you expect in return... A High 5. That’s just great!
Your Face Muscle - It just puts a smile on your face (which consequently works the cheek bones) to High 5 people.
So as I wrap this up - remember  “...Ask not what you can do for your city, but how many people in your city can you High 5!” - Author Unknown

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