Single (Or Not) & Loving It

Hey folks! What’s going on out there? It’s been lovely finding out y’all are actually reading and paying us any kind of attention. It means a lot to us! Now about this post ...

No, I'm not single, but when I was - I LOVED it! So did my husband. We enjoyed our lives before we were together. And, I believe, as a result, we love our lives together.

Now, you may be asking where I'm going with this? I don't know; we’ll see. You may be asking why I'm writing it. Well, that I have an answer for. Today is our Relationship Day. Confused? Well, keep reading.

From time to time, I’ve experienced this whole grass is greener or browner on the other side when it comes to relationships. We all know the “greener” scenarios where the married folks are thinking single folks have more fun & the single folks are thinking about the stability of a mate within a marriage. However, I think so often we hide or dismiss the “browner” scenarios.We let married folk bash single-hood like it was the worse time of their lives. Or on the flip side just letting single folk bash marriage (or relationships period) for whatever reason as though that would be a slow death. Well, let me just say - you’re all wrong!

Married Folk: Take a chill pill & enjoy your spouse. No, you can’t just up & always hangout with ya girls or ya boys, but you have someone by your side always. Hangout with them - have your own party at home. And quit trying to marry everybody off to who knows who. That ish is annoying and wrong because everybody ain’t supposed to be married. That’s not always apart of the plan and I need y’all to stop acting like it is. Also, don’t neglect your single friends (we’re guilty of it for sure) just because now you’re married & you got some new married friends. Make time for them because you’re going to miss them when they’re not around and you realize sometimes other married folk are boring. Heh heh heh ...

Single Folk: Take a chill pill & enjoy yourself. Yes, you can just up & go hangout with ya peeps, but when you can’t - it’s okay to just hangout with yourself. Have you ever taken yourself on a date? I have. It was one of the most relaxing dates I ever had. No nerves involved (unless you don’t like to be alone). And quit bashing married folk and assuming we’re all miserable. That’s untrue on so many levels in my household. We party hearty because it’s what we liked to do before; we incorporated it into our lives. Ya never know when a Moore Dance Party is going down. Also, just because a married friend can’t just up & come to your side when you want, don’t think they don’t care. Learn how to share. {If I can do it, everybody can. I hate sharing.} And most importantly, learn yourself inside and out so that IF you ever “boo’d  up”, you can present an honest self to them. Oh ... about booing up, don’t let other folk (ahem - married folk) talk you into booing up if you don’t want a boo; Do you! Stay single all your life if you so choose & be doggone happy about it.

As you see, I’m all about being happy with where you are. Your grass may be greener from where I’m standing because of the angle of the sun or just maybe I’m not watering my own grass enough. If it’s browner, then maybe somebody is getting too much sun. I don’t know nor do I care - I am not a grass person! What I care about though is if I have the joy that surpasses all. Yup, I do. I had it when I was single and I carry it with me always. I even share it from time to time cause I’m sometimes nice like that. ;)

No, but for real. How’s about everybody just cut the bashing out. It ain’t cute on either side. Plus, it just shows how miserable you are as an individual.

On that note: I love you all! Single or not :D

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