Wardrobe Challenges

I hate shopping! Yes, I said it. And honestly, you wouldn't know it from my closet. However, you would definitely think it based on what I choose to present on a daily basis. See, I have a LOT of clothes, but I enjoy comfort & warmth. I pretend to not be that creative with my attire, but I am a big, fat liar (gasp) in that respect. I have more creative ideas about what to do with my wardrobe than most would even think and for whatever reason I have little self-motivation to stop my lazy attire cycle. SO I’m heading to the internet for a much needed push to GET IT TOGETHER! Who’s in?

I read a lot of blogs about how to recycle, up-cycle, DIY, [insert other similar words] clothes and everything else around the house. I get these great ideas about how I can wear this or that to make it POP and then I do nothing about it. I have outfits lined up in my head … sometimes, they’re actually lined up in my closet … and they just stay there until I put them back in their respective spaces. Why? Well, because …

  • it’s cold outside
  • I have to run after the lil one
  • I don’t have anywhere to go
  • I don’t have any shoes to wear with it
  • I’m not going anywhere that requires all of that
  • my hair …
  • my mood ...
This list could go on, and on, and on, and on some more! I always have some excuse and it’s about time I cut that foolishness out!

So in preparation for the rest of my life, I’m reaching out to y’all for some challenges to basically force me (because I like to win) to dress better. The goal is that it becomes a habit. After this Challenge Season, I’ll determine routine challenges to ensure that I keep it up. SO with that being said, who’s got something for me?

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