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So this has been a pretty delightful week eh? No, not really. I had a lot of different thoughts on what to write about today, but this Boston stuff happened/is happening. So I thought about writing something about the it and all of the other news out there, but that’s not my deal. I barely even watch the news cause my heart can’t take all of that negativity coming from the screen. Too bad I’m always catching up on Twitter though. I still know what’s going on & sometimes sooner than folk waiting to see it on the news. My TL is full of hilarious commentators! I could give my take, but I don’t think y’all are ready for that. Wait ... yeah y’all are.

Change of plans! Let’s do talk about this Boston stuff. Now, I said I don’t watch the news and my news comes from well, Twitter. I read - I read news articles posted, opinions RT’ed, and TMZReports (heh heh heh - blame that on my husband), but I also listen to the radio to devise my own opinions. It’s what I do. So let me first say that my heart goes out to all those affected by all of these tragic events going on all around us. It’s an eye-opener when it happens so “close” to home. Yeah, I’m with you on all of that. However, a question was posed on the radio station that I’m going to share here & give my answer. The question was (and I’m paraphrasing): Was this a case of the chickens coming to roost?

Again, the question: Was this a case of the chickens coming to roost? Was this a case of our offenses towards others [countries, in particular] finally catching up to us [as a country, of course]? The host listed all kind of things we’ve done to other countries. Mess ups that we’ve tried to pay for with money or just simple apologies like that makes up for the massive killings.

My Answer: I’m not sure, but I lean towards yes. Why? Because in all honesty, I believe that as a country we’ve effed up some lives of other folk. And sometimes we even were just “Oh, sorry bout that. We were wrong, but oh well. You clean it up cause we’re bigger & badder.” After we done brought down our force upon some country that wasn’t even bothering us, killing hundreds & thousands of their innocent civilians. That ain’t right and I can’t really be mad that they’re retaliating on us. Well, let me take that back - I can be mad & I am, but I understand sort of. I can be mad because I didn’t do it nor did I agree with it (I’m not a fan of war unless we’re defending ourselves for real). I also sort of understand because, well, I’m black in America. No, wait. I’m a black female in America ... so yeah, I sort of understand the anger. But ya see - I don’t take my anger out on innocent folks or at least I try not to. I’m especially not going around being violent about it. I will handle you in all kinds of words if I think you believe as those before you who decided that I was a doggone 4th class citizen. I’m gonna stop there because that last sentence will take us elsewhere in my plight. Some of y’all get it, but those that don’t - hmph!

So what y’all think about the question? I won’t even ask for your own answer cause I know some of y’all ain’t ready for that realness yet, but at least let me know your thoughts on the question. Is it even a fair one to ask? Is it insensitive to ask it so soon? What say y’all?

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