Hair Journey

Good Morning!

So I've been growing my hair for about 5 months now. See, it was cut real low & I loved it. I decided to grow it out this year to check out the natural scene. Well, my natural hair is NOT for the light of heart especially if you want to be stylish on a time budget. So I've been itching to chop it off again. However, I'm trying to keep up the growth so it's that time to do something to keep my head from looking all kinds of messy.

Because we're approaching upon Summer, I should be fine until the Fall, but I'm a planner. During the Summer I can easily do the whole wash & go thing which looks fairly nice when I get my curls activated {heh heh heh ...}. However, that gets old real quick for me so I'm already looking for that next thing to do.

Here's my current "style" I'm trying to perfect for the Spring. Kind of a wash & go twist.

And here are my current hairstyle choices that I'm debating for the Fall. I might even get them earlier if I make my decision sooner than later.

Texturize vs Twists

GHE has asked that I texturize it cause he'd like to see my curls loose. Well, I bought the kit before I did my research and found that may not be what we really want. It's a mild perm and I don't really want to perm my hair at the moment. Plus, my research says I shouldn't do it on my own the 1st time just like a perm so I'm a little fearful of messing up my hair if I was to do it. It'd mean another big chop is on deck and I just said I'm trying to keep up the growth. So we've moved on to thinking about the twists and other such styles.

Twist vs Locks

I love being able to change up my hair because it's pretty much how I differentiate between looks since I'm not big into makeup. I could learn to make myself up, but I'm not too inclined to keep up stuff like that {have you seen my eyebrows lately?} so I'll stick to the hair. Twists are really easy to get and take out, BUT I'd have to get them redone regularly. Locks are a bit more permanent after how ever long. I've been advised that maybe I should do twists for however long to really determine if I want locks or not. I get that, but then I don't know.

Locks: Sister vs Dread

Locks look great on certain people to me. They also seem like something I could handle given I used to braid up my hair all the time in high school and style them. However, they are so permanent. I thought I would have to chop my hair again once I wanted something different, but would I? I was told Sister Locks take time before the really lock up. I think dreads lock sooner. I'm still researching, but we'll see. I did see someone the other day with dreads and she had the highlights going on and I really liked it. I'm thinking if I do decided to lock, I'm going to definitely have to try out the red coloring cause I love that color on myself. Wait ... what would y'all think of a deep purple color? Purple is my favorite color. Why not try it eh?

Well y'all, that's it for now. #12days