Rainy Day Shoes

Hey folks! 
I missed my weekend posts didn't I? Yeah, well I suppose to make up for it - I'll have to do a 3 part-er here eh? Cool. I can do that. Here we go ...

Saturday God-Sister Day

So I rarely get a "free" day, a day in which I'm not working for somebody. Weekdays, I work for a certain University. Saturday & Sunday are spent working for my Jesus in some way. So this Saturday was no different. I love my Jesus and I love the chil'ren I work with on Saturdays. Anyway, some of these Saturdays I get the joy of experiencing life with more than 1 child. This Saturday was one such Saturday and it was a hilarious one. Kavi, our goddaughter spent the day with us. Her & Jairus act just like I imagine siblings do so our day was very eventful. They began the day fine "playing nice together" {they're words}. They finished the day fine with "quiet activities time" {my words} after not cleaning up nicely together. They still enjoyed their day though so it's all good. Here are a few pics from that day.

Mother's Day

So yesterday was my 3rd Mother's Day and it didn't disappoint at all. My men really know how to treat a lady! My lil man made this here lil charmer for me ...
and then we all got dressed with our hats cause mommy loves hats ...
We then headed out for Mother's Day brunch with the greatest in-laws EVER!
After brunch, we enjoyed the rest of the day. We even were able to hit up the park getting in a family bike ride and some play time. We had a great day! 

Rainy Day Shoes

Now to today. I did not want to get out of bed today, but my dear husband ensured that I did. We even left the house on time to all get to our respective places on time. I love when we do that. Anyway, I got up to check the weather only to find my phone completely dead. Sooo, I charged it. Forgot about the weather until I got to my office. Can you guess what happened? It has rained & poured. I had a meeting  and here's the breakdown as I related it to the mister over Hangouts.
"Forgot the umbrella in the car. It started pouring after my mtg. Visited until it calmed again. Bus was coming as I headed back to my office. Decided to go get the umbrella."
Going to get the umbrella was a GREAT idea because it of course began to pour again once I returned to my office.

Walking to & from today, I realized that I need some rainy day shoes. I do well in the Winter cause my winter boots are supposedly waterproof, but I'm not wearing those things during these awesome Spring Showers {Yes, I love Spring Showers} cause my feet would NOT be happy about that one bit. Nor would the boots go very well with my Spring outfits. So I was thinking I also don't necessarily want rain boots. I do, but those are the shoes I'm talking about here. Here, I speak of nice shoes that will definitely have their own "voice" and will also keep my feet nice & dry. Most of my shoes like that are NOT waterproof. Oh well, you have any ideas for nice rainy day shoes? 

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