Rock Meet Hard Place

So honestly, I'm not really into writing anything today, but I said I'd post everyday. So here we go ...

I woke up in the middle of my bed with stressful thoughts on my mind. Today my question is how to deal with caring when you really don't wanna care. This kind of questioning led me down a path that encourages the butt-hole side of my being. There were several things over the past week that were jumbled into this thought process. All of which for whatever reason really don't sit well with me. I really wish I could just say "to {hay} with it all" and proceed to being the biggest butt-hole to those involved. I can't do that though cause I do care about those persons.

Rock meet Hard Place. Mind if I squeeze in here?

Yeah, that's how I feel at the moment. What does one do? Well, I have a project of the week that has been keeping my mind occupied, but it's not enough. I want my mind to be at peace - I function best that way. Removing stressors is kind of a thing for me. I can't move all of my stressors though so what else can I do? There's only so many projects to be done. Maybe I have enough to keep me occupied until I forget about the stressors. It has worked in the past - not proud of that necessarily, but it worked.

Well, today shall not be lost. Let's make it a great one. Shall we?


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