Sunshine & KIT

So yesterday was so beautiful that I spent most of my day enjoying it. But also, I played catch-up with some old friends of mine. That means I didn't get around to positing here - I did my due diligence on IG though. Anyway, because of that today's post will consist of 2 sections to make up for yesterday.

Sunshine, Blue Skies

Yesterday was a lovely day. Dude it got to 80 ... here ... in Michigan! Can you believe it? Finally, the weather is coming to terms with the fact that it's Spring and time to warm up. I was sssooo excited. I LOVE it! Been waiting on it. So since it was here, I had to take a bike ride. It was a rather short one due to the lil person only wanting to go around the neighborhood perimeter one cause it was "hard work" ... SMH! It felt wonderful though.

Oh AND why this joker (the GHE) decided to ride his tail up to the library to get some books we had ready? I thought that was MY goal, but whatevs. He made it there & back in half an hour so I should be able to do it within an hour :D We'll see. I'll try another day. For now, I'll work on controlling my bike and whatnot. I did much better following my silly-behind son who likes to not look forward and run into the grass and get stuck. Yeah, but kids got bike riding down so it was all good. Maybe we'll see if he wants to elevate out of the tricycle mode by the end of the summer. He could clearly walk his bike across the street better without those extra wheels.

Anyway I hope my Midwest {Y'all do know this is not the middle of the west right?} ... I hope y'all enjoyed the warmth yesterday and I'm praying for many many more days of it. Woo hoo! Come on Spring & Summer!!


I had the unction to get in touch with my sister and a few old friends yesterday. That unction comes often, but I actually did it yesterday and realized how much I miss those girls. See I've been beating myself up for some while about how terrible of a friend I am cause I just keep dropping "friends" left & right. To be truthful most of those "friends" were just associates, but they wanted more. I couldn't give them more for whatever reason and it made me question myself. That's a series of sidebar stories that I just don't want to share so moving right along. My unction yesterday got me to thinking. I have friends and I'm a pretty good friend to them. The difference is we don't have a need to speak to each other every day. We can not speak for months and not miss a beat with each other. My messages with them yesterday proved just that. These girls represent different periods in my life and I haven't spoken to one in years I believe, but it's like it was yesterday. Yeah, we play catch-up on family life & career, but our conversations are beyond what I have with many folks I see every week. {The ONLY people that I see/speak to everyday are my GHE and lil man.} But yeah, my heart was on a high yesterday from speaking with those ladies. Not sure if they'll ever read this, but I hope they know I love them dearly and would never wish for better girlfriends. I love those chicks!

Now I've been told in a past life that I should do better about keeping in touch with folks especially these girls. For awhile, I tried that, but realized that I just don't have that much to talk about. What do you guys think? i don't agree that I should change the type of relationship I have with folks if it works for us to appease someone else's view of what a friendship should be. I'm no longer in a space to really give that a lot of thought, but I'd love to know what folks think. Do you speak with your besties everyday? Is one no longer your friend once you've lost touch for awhile? How does one regain that status? I generally hold people close to my heart rather they are there for awhile or not. As long as nothing has severed that relationship, their spot is always there. That could just be me.

Well, I'm out. While today isn't as sunny as yesterday, it is still warm so I'm still on a high.

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