Positive Aura

You ever just love somebody just because? You can't explain it or anything, but you know that person makes you smile? Whenever you see them, your day is immediately brighter? Well, I have a hand full of folks like that in my life. And it amazes me just how I immediately feel better no matter what was just going on. You have anybody like that in your life? If not, let me explain.

So yes, you can guess that one of the persons in my life that brightens my day immediately (even when their the culprit of my anxiety) is my husband. He is the greatest husband ever & I'm a jerk of a wife cause I don't want it to go to his head. That means I won't show him ALL the time. Just every so often, but he does KNOW that he's the greatest husband in the world to me. My dark days are never as dark as they used to be because he is always there to illuminate my heart. SO yeah .... I love that dude for being that for me. But y'all know I love him & this post is not even about him.

This post is about my other few day brighteners, one of which I saw this morning. Every time I see her or talk to her, my day is just that much better. She's awesome at just being herself and making me feel awesome just being knowing her. I love it. Now, on the other hand ... I SUCK at keeping in touch with people. Seriously - I am THE worse! You would think I'd call these day brighteners all the time to keep my spirits up when GHE/GHitW needs some backup, but I don't. Actually, when I'm miserable, I prefer to be alone. I don't want company in that space cause I'm miserable enough for a crowd. Terrible huh? Yeah, well between the miserable days, the lazy days, and the where-the-heck-did-my-day-go days, I forget to keep in touch.

With that in mind, I realize that I haven't talked to several of my day brighteners in months. I'm not that busy, but I have very little social skills. I actually have to practice what I'm going to say before calling someone. Why? Because I just don't know what to say. I can write all day. I can actually talk all day too if you give me a topic I'm passionate about, but I SUCK at starting the conversation. I'd rather eat squash [I HATE squash!] than start a conversation. I can keep the conversation going to move it along, but those first few seconds following the "hey" is a little piece of Hell for me. I also usually don't want to infest others with my miserable life so sometimes I have nothing to say cause my positive flow has been plugged.

I must do better. The positive aura of my day brighteners is missed when so much time has elapsed that I feel like I'm on positive overload when I see/talk to them. So yeah, I'm gonna work on doing better at that ... too. {This self-discovery year has been murderous to my lil self-confidence, whew!}

Anyway, big thanks to all you positive day brighteners out there. It's a rainy day and all, but I have sunshine on this cloudy day because of 2 of mine.

Have a sunshiny day folks! #18days

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