It's 6:30am and I'm getting ready for school. I wrapped my hair the night before, but my lil side curl needed a bit of a touch up. That meant breaking out the curling iron. So I heated it while I dressed knowing it would be the last thing I did before headed downstairs. It's quiet in my household as I ready myself. I begin to curl my hair, taken care because of the heat. Then a loud yell comes and startles me so much that I jerk the curling iron. It hits my face before I catch it and place it on the counter. I immediately grab a face rag, wet it with cold water and apply it to my face as I head down to catch my ride to school. I grab a couple ice cubes from the freezer and wrap the rag around them to go back on my face as I head out the door on my way out to the car. I enter the car and my mom immediately asks me about the rag. I explain and show her the burn. She cringed, but I tell her I'm okay. I walk around all day at school with this rag on my face replenishing my ice as needed. {Meanwhile (I found out later), my mom was at work fearful that she'd get a call from CPS or a visit from a colleague (she worked at the police station). It was funny when she told me later that day.}

After school, I headed over to Ebe's and discovered I had a 3rd degree burn. She doctored on it and handed me a piece of her aloe vera plant. I had to keep rubbing that plant on my face throughout the day after I cleaned the wound several times each day. As the weeks went by, a scar appeared. I received the nickname "Scarface" until the scar faded away over the next few months. I still have that scar today.

Yesterday, I received a few more. Same side of the face. Smaller than the previous, but still. This time I responded quicker and with more knowledge than the last so I'm not walking around with a rag on my face. However, I'm beginning to think that my face likes the burns. Oh well ... I still live to see another day.

Burn baby burn ... #11days