The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

Good afternoon everyone,

Today, I'm going to be giving my 2 cents about the new Spidey flick... The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (I know, real original title).  We actually saw this movie on Friday night, but I have been hesitant to write a review for some odd reason, not to mention it was a kinda busy weekend (see Lady Wife's earlier posts).  But I finally decided to sit down and just do it.

First - "The good": The action was good, and the story line, as it goes for a super hero movie was good.  Jamie Foxx played his tail off (as usual).  I don't think there are too many roles that he gets that he doesn't do it justice.  I mean, Max Dillon/Electro was a GREAT character.  He wasn't a cheesy villain either, and he definitely had a story behind him and a better costume.  The plot was even remarkable.  This one was definitely better than the first attempt at this reboot starring Andrew Garfield.

"The Bad": As it always seems with Spider-Man movies of late, it is overstuffed with bad guys.  It just seems that if there is one good guy and one bad guy that is not enough.  I mean, really, doesn't Spidey go through enough on the regular where he should only have to deal with 1 maaaaaayyyybbbeee 2 villains at the most?!  There just also seems to be a need to use slow motion EVERY time Spidey does something big.  It's like the "Finish Him" move on mortal combat.  It's really cool the first 50 times, but honestly, after a while it takes away from the significance of the event.  I dunno, I'm just sayin...

"The Ugly": Fine, I'll admit it, I didn't like this movie.  I couldn't quite put my finger on why I wasn't really feeling it.  Maybe because it was more of a love story with some action, than an action/adventure film with some love scenes.  But that wasn't it.  Shoot, for the longest I could relate to Spider-Man.  The man could never really catch a break.  He would start off down on his luck and then just as things are getting a little less "bleak" something good happens, only to be interrupted again by more bad stuff... Sucks, but that's what made him such a great "tragic hero".  Then it hit me, I figured out what it was.  Andrew Garfield.  He's a GREAT Spider-Man.  The one-liners, the bravado, the smart-alec-ness. I think when he's the wall crawler, he's doing the thing.  But man! As Peter Parker, he just didn't do it for me.  He was too confident.  Too brash.  Too much.  That's not the Peter Parker I grew up knowing.  The kid was a geek in every sense of the word.  I couldn't buy it from Garfield.

Does this mean, if they come out with another Spider-Man, with Andrew Garfield in the lead, will I boycott it?  Absolutely not. I'll probably still go and see it on opening weekend.  I might even still complain about his Parker portrayal...  But when it boils down to it, the movie is called The Amazing "Spider-Man" not The Amazing "Peter Parker".

I'm out y'all!

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