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I look forward to receiving my samples in the next 2-3 weeks. Plus my doctor just informed me that I need to get more Vitamin D in my diet so this is Sundown's official tryout for my Vitamin needs. I guess I'd better have some factors in mind then.

When I think of vitamins, I think of medicine, and I generally frown upon medicine. I don't want the stuff. It's usually disgusting and sometimes causing unnecessary side effects. I get enough sleep, why must my allergy pills that are supposedly non-drowsy put me right to sleep. {Seriously, one day was forced into a nap because I couldn't keep my eyes open to save my life after taking one of my pills. I had a terrible dream to boot so yeah I haven't taken that pill sense, but still...} Back to the issue at hand. Vitamins are different than medicine so I must judge them differently.

Vitamins should taste good to me. Why? Because I love food. I love delicious food. I'd rather eat food than take a vitamin. Really, I sometimes decide what I'm eating based on what I haven't had and I think my body needs. For example, I began drinking more milk when my doctor said I needed more Vitamin D. Made plenty sense to me. However, I know that I probably need a supplement as I still don't drink a lot of milk. Milk & congestion don't mix very well. I just don't have the time nor do I want to spend the money on that much Kleenex. I found a multivitamin on sale and had a coupon so I bought it. I do NOT like the taste of it though so glad I didn't get the mega bottle of that stuff. I still take them from time to time, but it's usually a quick chew so I can chase it with something that tastes better. I'm hoping Sundown is better. These are gummies after all so in my book, they are liken unto candy, which should ALWAYS be delicious.

That's all I got so far. What else should these vitamins offer me?

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